What is ACA Aviation Maintenance Training Program?

Asian College of Aeronautics offers a comprehensive 111-unit program leading to certification as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. As a licensed Aviation Maintenance Technician, you are trained to perform inspections and repairs to all aircraft used by commercial airlines, corporate flight departments, aircraft charter operators, flight schools, air ambulance companies and various agencies, to name but a few. Aviation Maintenance Technician job opportunities are available not only in the Philippines but often throughout the world. These jobs offer great pay and benefits packages, including worldwide travel benefits in any cases.

How does the program work?

Our Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics Technology are offered at our building near Paglaum sports complex in the beautiful city of Bacolod. The program is ATO approved. We have classes starting every semester. Our convenient daytime schedule run from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m, Monday through Friday, leaving time after extra curricular activities. The program is divided into different learning blocks, comprised of classroom, computer and shop instruction that provide over 3090 total hours of technical instructions. Students receive lots of hands on training from our experienced staff and can finish this high quality, yet affordable program in as little as 4 semesters. Opening of modular course are subject to the number of applicants.

What is Computer Based Training?

ACA is the first and only Aviation Training School in Philippines to offer a computer based training program tailored for maintenance of air transport aircraft. The program include hands on training with the use of electronic maintenance manuals, illustrated parts catalog, structural repair manuals and many more. It also include a virtual instructor and simulator for systems description, operation, familiarization and troubleshooting. All of these are computer based.

What is OJT?

Upon the completion of the course the students will be sent to different aviation companies for hands on training for 480 hrs equivalent to three month before declaring them a graduate of the said course in accordance with administrative order number 60 of the civil air regulation of the Philippines. In addition, OJT is required in taking up the licensure exam for A&P and Aircraft Specialist.

What is T&H Program?

Train and Hire program is design to help the students find a job after graduation. These includes hands on and practical experience in actual aircraft maintenance and repair. The job employment varies depending on the student’s performance during training with various companies.

What subjects are taught?

Students are taught everything they need to know to qualify for the ATO certification, as well as attain entry-level position in the field of Aviation Maintenance Technology. These wide varieties of skills include sheetmetal repair, electricity, electronics, turbine engines, propellers, air conditioning, hydraulics, fuel systems, instruments, communication and navigational system, on board maintenance and many more. The subjects are broken down into blocks and presented in logical segments of information to provide the students the ample opportunity to excel.

What are the courses offered?

ACA offers 2 year course in Aircraft Maintenance Technology and Aviation Electronics(Avionics) Technology and Six months modular course for aviation mechanics.

What does an aircraft mechanic and avionics do?

A licensed aircraft mechanics and avionics are the ones who keep the aircraft flying in airworthy condition. Mechanics specializing in repair work rely on the pilot’s description of the problem to find and fix faulty equipment. Some of the larger more sophisticated planes have aircraft monitoring systems which consist of electronic boxes and consoles which monitor the aircraft’s basic operation and provides valuable diagnostic information to the mechanic. To keep the aircraft in operating condition, aircraft mechanics and specialists perform scheduled maintenance, make repairs, and complete inspections required by the Air Transportation Office (ATO) and Manufacturer. In ACA we will teach you the system of operation on how to troubleshoot these sophisticated airplanes using our state of the art computer simulator.

What is needed to qualify?

Students need only the desire to learn to enter the highly rewarding field of Aviation Maintenance Technology. No prerequisites, prior experience, or previous educational requirements need to be met. This is an equal opportunity college.

How much does it cost?

ACA currently charges 320 pesos per unit. In addition, textbooks and workbooks will cost approximately 16,000 pesos for the whole semester covering all subjects.

ACA Support Services
  1. The Institution provides annual physical examination to its students and employees as part of the school program.
  2. The ACA Inc. provides career guidance & placement services through the Office of Student Affairs which includes on-the-job training activities at various aviation service centers of private and government institutions.
  3. Community outreach programs of ACA Inc. aims to participate in research & development programs with other government agencies whose linkages may promote socio-economic growth of our country involving technical support services that the school provides.
Academic Rules
  1. Schedule and breakdown of tuition fees and other program costs.
  2. Documented grading system, details of witch are provided to student/trainees at the start of their program.
  3. Entry requirements for the program comply with the relevant training regulations if applicable.
  4. Rules on attendance.
Schedule of Tuition Fees (Payment Methods)
  1. Down payment at enrollment – as stipulated by the finance officer.
  2. Before midterm 50% of balance
  3. Before final- – full payment of remaining balance
Refund for Withdrawal

When a student registers, it is prescribed that he/she is enrolling for the entire semester. However, a student who for meritorious reasons, withdraws his/her enrollment in writing; is charged;

  1. Ten percent (10%) of t total school fees if withdrawal is within the official first week of classes.
  2. Twenty percent (20%) if withdrawal is within the official second week of classes.
  3. All of the school fees if withdrawal is anytime after the official second week of classes.

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