ACA currently charges 336 pesos per unit. In addition, textbooks and workbooks will cost approximately 1500 pesos for the whole semester covering all subjects.


1. Down payment at enrollment as stipulated by the finance officer

2. Before midterm 50% of balance

3. Before finals full payment of remaining balance


When a student registers, it is prescribed that he/she is enrolling for the entire semester. However, a student who for meritorious reasons, withdraws his/her enrollment in writing is charged

1. Ten percent (10%) of the total school fees if withdrawal is within the official first week of classes.

2. Twenty percent (20%) if withdrawal is within the official second week of classes.

3. All of the school fees if withdrawal is anytime after the official second week of classes.

Admission requirements (H. S. graduates)
  • Contract of enrollment
  • Certificate of good moral character
  • Birth Certificate
  • Report Card (Form 138)
  • I.D. pictures, 6 copies (1X1)
  • Long brown envelope
  • PNP (PDEA) Clearance
For Transferees
  • Contract of enrollment
  • Honorable Dismissal Certificate (2 copies)
  • Informative copy of Transcript of Records (2 copies)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • I.D. pictures, 6 copies (1X1)
  • PNP (PDEA) Clearance
  • Long brown envelope
  • No failure in more than two (2) subjects
  • No dropped out in more than three (3) subjects
New Student
  1. Guidance for testing & submission of records
  2. Department Head for interview, subject loading & giving of registration form.
  3. Registrar for issuance of form
  4. Library (card / I.D.)
  5. ROTC
  6. Dean/Department Head for confirmation
  7. Accountant for assessment & payment
  8. Registrar for I.D., Class cards & submission of enrollment form & credentials
  1. Department Head for interview & assessment of subjects
  2. Guidance for testing & submission of records
  3. Registrar (Reg. Form)
  4. Treasurer for assessment & payment
  5. Library (I.D./ Library card)
  6. Dean/Department Head for confirmation
  7. Registrar for Class cards & submission of enrolment form &credentials & for I.D. validation
Grade Percentage(%) Descriptive Equivalent
1.00 96 & above Excellent
1.25 93-95 Very Good
1.50 90-92 Very Good
1.75 88-89 Good
2.0 85-87 Good
2.25 83-84 Satisfactory
2.50 80-82 Satisfactory
Grade Percentage(%) Descriptive Equivalent
2.75 77-79 Fair
3.00 74-76 Fair
5.0 73 and below Failure
INC   Incomplete
W   Withdrawn
DRP   Dropped

Dropped is the mark given to any student under any of the conditions:

A. Has accumulated excused & unexcused absences forms twenty percent (20%) of the class hours prescribed for the semester/term.

  • 20% of 5 units 18 hours
  • 20% of 3 units 10 hours
  • 20% 0f 1 unit 4 hours

B. Has violated some school rules & regulations.

  • School may drop from its rolls during the school year or term a student who is considered as Undesirable√ď Manual of Regulation for Private Schools, 7th Edition 1970 p. 110. “W” – withdrawn is the mark given to the student who has signified his/her intention to withdraw from the course by: Writing officially to the Dean indicating among other data the reasons for such withdrawal Filing the prescribed withdrawal slip undersigned by the following: School personnel, Instructor concerned, Guidance officer, Dean and Registrar before Midterm.

  • After Midterm, a student is automatically given a failure mark when the absences accumulated is more than 20 % of the total prescribed hours for the semester and without filing formal withdrawal from the school.

  • Students who has an examination permit but refuses to take his/her exam on the scheduled date will not be given any special treatment and therefore must present a written letter from his/her parents or doctor if sick, stipulating the reason why he/she was not able to take the exam. Failure to take the exam within the specified date without any excuse letter will be given a grade of Incomplete (INC).

  • Late examination or removal is considered late and is subject for fine up to P50 per subject. Such cost will cover for the making of test questions and other miscellaneous items

Examination Procedures
  1. Proceed to accounting office for assessment.
  2. Show the assessment and pay account balance to the cahier’s office.
  3. Hand over to the accounting office the official receipt issued by the cashier for releasing of permits.
  4. Submit examination permit to instructor for verification and signature.
  • A student is marked late if he comes within the first (15) minutes of any class period.
  • Two tardy marks are considered one (1) absence from class in a subject. A student is considered absent if he comes after fifteen (15) minutes.
Sick Notice

Sick notices do not minimize the count of absences allowed a student during a school term. exception is made in extreme cases such as accident or illness necessity for hospitalization of more than two (2) weeks, in which case the student is given extra assignments to make up for the work missed.


Cheating or abetting cheating in any examination, quizzes, and plagiarism in any academic work are considered major offences. Students guilty of such offences are assigned a failing grade in that particular examination of course requirement and shall be reported to the Discipline Officer for proper action.

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